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Coming 2017: The Bale King 5125 100-Bushel Top-Dressing Bale Processor!


Bridgeview has over 15 years of experience in bale processing technology and offers a full line of heavy duty, feature rich bale processors that make feeding and bedding livestock and reclamation projects effortless. Bale Kings will process all bales including rounds and squares, straw and silage, soft core and hard core, and twine and net-wrap bales with ease. We continuously strive to produce the most capable and long lasting processors on the market. All of Bridgeview’s Bale King processors are designed by farmers with farmers in mind.



Why process your bales with a Bale King?

>The X-Rotor: the crown jewel of the Bale King!


  • EXCLUSIVE X-ROTOR – The Patented X-Rotor spins at 1000 rpm, acting like a large centrifugal fan to blow straw further than you might think possible – up to 60 feet!
  • EASY TWINE REMOVAL – Every farmer knows the frustration of trying to cut twine from a round rotor. The X-rotor makes twine removal a breeze! As twine wraps on the rotor during processing, the X shape of the rotor creates a perfect cavity into which the standard twine cutter can be inserted to cut the twine from behind. Works great with utility knives and electric twine cutters too!
  • SUPER-HEAVY DUTY FLAILS – No cheap flatbar here! All Bale King Flails are made of heavy ¾” x 1 ½” steel that’s welded to the bushings, not crimped like those other guys.
  • PRECISION MANUFACTURING – Every X-rotor we make goes through a serious QC regimen, involving precision balancing through computerized harmonic analysis. The result is smooth rotation, reduced noise, and improved rotor life.

Innovation: features exclusive to Bale King Processors!

Right-Hand Discharge

  • RIGHT HAND DISCHARGE – A no-brainer! All Bale King processors offer industry-first right hand discharge. By having the discharge on the control side, visibility and comfort are greatly improved.
  • CHAIN-LESS DRIVE Our exclusive gearbox eliminates the maintenance nightmare of belts, chains, and sprockets. Operator safety is improved by minimizing exposed rotating components.
  • HEAVY-DUTY, LOW MAINTENANCE DESIGN – Bale King processors are well-known for their heavy-duty design. Every component has been refined over a decade to endure years of hard work with minimal maintenance. For example, the PTO shaft runs nearly horizontal, putting less strain on the U-joints than traditional processors.
  • HYDRAULIC TOP DEFLECTOR – All models offer a hydraulic main deflector which makes switching from windrow or bunk feeding position to bedding and transport position effortless. With the push of a lever, the deflector folds up to navigate narrow gates – no need to leave the cab!

Flexibility: options to suit your specific needs!

Fine Chop Option

  • FINE CHOP KIT – Adds the ability to chop material even finer. Great feature for long greenfeed material or silage. Multi position design can fine chop hay or completely disengage for straw processing.

  • TOTAL RATION KIT – A bolt-on kit that adds a 40-bushel side-mounted grain tank to the 5100. The hydraulic auger with flexible spout delivers grain directly onto the processed windrow and can be run independently of the processor. The low tank lid height allows easy filling, inspection, and cleaning.

ROAD LIGHTS, SAFETY CHAINS and CYLINDER SAFETY LOCKS are standard on all Bale King processors.

All Bale King equipment is protected by high-quality impact-resistant POWDER-COAT PAINT.

     The Bale King 5100 incorporates the best features from our Bale King bale processor  line into one complete package. 

Bale King 5100 bale processor Exclusive Features

A) Newly designed, more aggressive beaters with bigger, sharper teeth bite into the bale. Our new beaters even keep old, out of round bales turning for more uniform feeding into the rotor resulting in more complete, consistent processing.B) X-Rotor blows more air for significantly improved bunk feeding and spreading (up to 60 feet!). The X-rotor also simplifies twine removal. Twine cutter is standard equipment.

C) Upper side shields are curved in and keep the bale contained during processing.

D) Rear loading fork is adjustable to accommodate various bale sizes.                              E) 16.5L flotation tires are standard. The tires allow the processor to float over more severe terrain, and give the operator a smoother ride.
C) Upper side shields are curved in and keep the bale contained during processing.          

F) More powerful hydraulic motors on the beaters handles the largest bales. Comes with hydraulic relief protection system. Right hand discharge standard. The integrated gearbox is durable, and allows for efficient and smooth transition of power from the tractor to the processor.

H) New 4 way adjustable deflector chute. The chute adjusts up and down
as well as in and out. 

Specialty Bale Processors

Cut your feeding time down to size with the the Bale King 6105 multi bale processor!

Perfected over 15 years in Nebraska ranches…ready to take on your herd.

Bale King - 6105 - Front view processing
  • SAVE TIME, FUEL AND WEAR AND TEAR, with fewer trips across rough terrain. Carries three times as many bales as a conventional bale processor.
Bale King 6105 - Rear Right view with bales
  • SELF LOADING, cleated 2082 chain can load from 1 to 6 bales, even the last bale in the row. Rear chain idlers with LARGE FLOTATION SKID SHOES get chain under the bales without digging into the ground. LOW DECK HEIGHT and bed loading angle ensure stability and ease of loading in slick conditions. CANTED CHAIN RAILS offer stability and can accommodate various bale sizes.
6100 - Flotation Skids 2 BK6100 - Flotation Skids 1
BK6100 - Low Deck Height BK6100 - Cleated Chain
  • DEDICATED LOADING FORK places bale accurately in processing tub. HIGH TORQUE CHAIN DRIVE MOTORS allow positive loading while allowing speed adjustment to suit the situation.
BK6100 - Dedicated Loading Fork BK6100 - High Torque Chain Drive Motors
  • TANDEM TORFLEX AXLES with LARGE 14L X 16.1 TIRES offer a smooth ride, narrow transport width and extremely low maintenance.
BK6100 - Tandem Torflex Axles BK6100 - Tires
  • CAD ENGINEERED and built with state of the art metal working machinery make for outstanding fit and finish. TAPERED HITCH for tight turning.


BK6100 - CAD Engineered BK6100 - Tapered Adjustable Hitch BK6100 - Road Light Kit



 Feed a total ration in one pass

Introducing the new Total Ration grain tank attachment for the Bale King 5100 bale processor.

Bale King - 5100TR - Rear View Processing
              • Hydraulic Grain auger with flexible downspout discharges feed on top of processed windrow, into feed bunks or into piles on ground. 
              • Auger can be run without the processor to bunk feed directly from the grain tank.
              • Flow control allows for easy ration adjustment and multiple hydraulic configurations are available.
Bale King - 5100TR - Rear View
            • Axle extension included for stability, only adds 8″ to overall width.
            • Low lid height with gas shock assist makes filling easy.
Bale King 5100TR - Left Hand - Grain Tank



Bunk feed or top dress with the the  Bale King GT40

GT40 Forks
  • 12V electric or hydraulic discharge auger.
  • Mount in your pickup, on your 3 pt hitch or loader forks
  • Can be towed with available axle kit
GT40 Trailer



 Process what you want, when you want with the Bale King 8100 bale processor!


Bale King - 8100 - Square Bale and Round Bale
Bale King 8100 - Front View - Processing Square Bale King - 8100 - Lowered wing for square processing and loading Bale King - 8100 - Raised wing for transport
Curved wing stands bales on end for quick
twine removal using the rotor.
Hydraulic wing lowers to load 4x4x8 square bale. Raise wing for narrow road width or
to manipulate bale.

Extended wheel base for stability
on uneven terrain.


Bale King - 8100 - Processes with agressive and proven 5100 x-rotor
When wing is raised the 8100 makes short work of processing round bales. Since the 8100 incorporates our aggressive, well proven 5100 x-rotor and

processing chamber:

it only takes 1 1/2 – 2 minutes to process an average bale.

Hydraulic deflector w/ flip up rubber flap to allow precise control in all feeding and bedding applications

Bale King - 8100 - Cows


Click here: Bale King Spec Sheet to download a copy of the spec sheet in PDF format.

Bale King Spec Sheet

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