Bridgeview to show Bale King 5300 at 2019 Angus Convention in Reno!

Bridgeview is proud to announce that our newest processor—the Bale King 5300—will be viewable at the 2019 Angus Convention in Reno!

The 5300 may be our finest processor yet. Built on the reliable and trusted 5200 series—itself the product of over a decade of development—the 5300 is compatible with the new Three-Bale Kit and features an array of other improvements and new features.

Bridgeview is a proud new partner of the American Angus Association, and our engineers and sales staff are really looking forward to meeting with members of the Angus community!

The 5300 feature we’re proudest of is it’s compatibility with BOTH the new Three-Bale Kit AND the already-popular Total Ration grain and feed tank option.

The hydraulic auger of the Total Ration option can quickly, reliably, and uniformly dispense 40 bushels of any grain, feed, or range cubes directly into a bunk feeder or onto a processed windrow.

The 5300 also features more aggressive bale rollers for better performance when handling wet and difficult bales. Improved bale containment is acheived via the redesigned front rack. Additionally, the significantly widened hoop grate adjustment range now makes the fineness of processing much easier to control.

These improvements and a bevy of others definitely make the 5300 worth a look, even for owners of the classic 5200!

The Bale King 5300 can be viewed November 2nd to 4th at the 2019 Angus Convention in Reno, booth 665.

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