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New for 2017, the Bale King 5225 100-bushel Combination Processor!

The 5225 features an all-new integrated 100-bushel grain tank for quickly top-dressing processed hay in a windrow, fenceline feeder, or bunk feeder. The tank is safe and easy to fill with a hydraulically actuated lid, built-in ladder and platform, and large opening.

The 5225 is perfect for ensuring a balanced diet during winter feeding and is designed with winter use in mind. Twin Torflex axles give a smoother ride and improved stability over uneven frozen ground. The tank lid is practically weatherproof, preventing water from infiltrating the tank.

We based the 5225 on the proven technology of our popular and reliable 5100. Like all Bale King processors, the 5225 features the X-Rotor for easy twine removal, 3/4″ welded steel flails, heavy-duty bale forks, and abrasion-resistant powder coat paint.

Standard Features

A B C - BK5125
A) The Bale King 5225 is built on the proven design of the popular 5100 processor. The heavy-duty adjustable forks can be driven deep into even hard-cored bales. Twin 1-1/2″ lift cylinders can easily handle heavy, highly compacted bales.

B) Hydraulically-driven augers can deposit grain from the tank directly onto the processed windrow or into the bunk feeder. Built-in auger hydraulic flow control allows greater flexibility. Like the 5200TR, the auger can be run independently of the rotor. Right-hand discharge puts the action on the same side as you controls, reducing operator fatigue.

C) Twin Torflex axles offer a better ride over uneven ground. 12-16.5 12-ply tires offer good flotation on wet ground.

D E F - BK5125
D) Anti-slip textured platform allows easy and safe inspection/cleaning of the grain tank in poor weather conditions.

E) Sturdy handrail provides an extra measure of safety when mounting and dismounting the platform, especially in muddy or wet weather.

F) Retractable ladder is easily deployed and stowed for better ground clearance.

G H I - BK5125

G) Hydraulic lid cylinder saves your time, effort, and back. The cylinder and the weight of the lid both help to prevent entrapment when the processor isn’t in use.

H) Large tank opening makes filling and cleaning a breeze.

I) All Bale King Processors come standard with super-durable powder-coat paint intended to withstand years of service.

G H I - BK5125

J) Our patented X-Rotor design with heavy-duty 3/4″ welded flails makes twine removal a breeze. Instead of wrapping tightly like on a round rotor, twine forms a pocket on the X-Rotor into which the provided cutter can be placed to easily cut it from behind. Knives and electric irons can also be used. All X-Rotors are made of laser-cut steel and are harmonically balanced for smooth operation before leaving our door.

K) Quick-adjust hoop grate allows excellent control over processing aggressiveness. Our hoop grates are 3/4″ plate steel and designed to endure hard impact.

L) Agitators with high-torque motors give you excellent control when processing stubborn bales.

Upgrade Options and Kits

5100 Fine Chop
Fine Chop Kit – The Fine Chop Kit is an option available when ordering your 5225 processor and adds the adjustable ability to chop material even finer!

The kit adds a row of adjustable-height knives which protrude into the rotor chamber for exceptional control of processor aggressiveness.

The Fine Chop Kit is highly desirable when processing long greenfeed or silage. Need to process straw? Dropping the knives to their lowest level (no tools required!) returns the processor to the stock setting.

The Fine Chop Kit can be installed by the user or can be installed to order. Contact Bridgeview for more information.




All specifications are also available in the 5225 Operator’s manual. Contact Bridgeview for more information.


Bale King 5125 Processor – Dimensions
Overall Weight 7850 lb (3570 kg)
Drawbar Weight 1450 lb (660 kg)
Overall Height 112″ (2.84 m)
Overall Length (Forks Up) 351″ (8.92 m)
Overall Length (Forks Down) 320″ (8.13 m)
Overall Width (Deflector Folded) 112″ (2.84 m)
Overall Width (Deflector Up) 112″ (2.84 m)
Overall Width (Deflector Down) 135″ (3.43 m)
Tread Width (on centers) 93″ (2.36 m)
Grain Tank Capacity 101 bushels (3.56 m3)
Grain Tank Opening 33″ x 33″ (0.84 m x 0.84 m)
Tub Opening 80″ x 91″ (2.03 m x 2.31 m)
Rotor Extended Tip Diameter 27″ (0.69 m)
Discharge Opening 12″ x 80″ (0.30 m x 2.03 m)
Heavy-Duty Reinforced Frame and Axle Assembly
Main Frame 4″ x 8″ Tubing
Frame Width 52″ (1.27 m)
Jack Heavy-Duty Square, Mounted on Frame
Heavy-Duty Bale Fork Frame 4″ x 8″ Tubing
Adjustable Bale Fork Width (On Centers) 48″ or 40.5″ (1.22 m or 1.03 m)
Adjustable Hitch Height 3 settings at 2.25″ (5.7 cm) intervals
Spring Lock Levers On Grate Lever and Fine Chop Adjust Levers
Dual Hydraulic Lift Cylinders 3” x 20” x 1-1/2″ Rod
Single Hydraulic Deflector Cylinder 1-1/2″ x 6″ x 3/4″ Rod
Single Hydraulic Lid Cylinder 1-1/2″ x 6″ x 3/4″ Rod
Tire Size 12-16.5 12-Ply
Tire Inflation 70 psi (480 kpa)
Wheel Nut Torque 125 ft-lb (170 N•m)
Operating Specifications
Minimum Power Requirement 75 HP (55 kW) @ Power Take-Off (PTO)
Required Number of Hydraulic Remotes 3
Rated PTO Speed 1000 RPM
PTO Shaft Type Weasler: Cat. 6 80 deg. C.V.
PTO Shear Bolt 3/8″ x 2” Gr. 5
Flail Tip Speed at 1000 RPM PTO Speed 7000 FPM (35.5 m/s)
Rotor and Agitators
Number of Flails 28
Flail Size 3/4″ x 1-1/2″ x 7″
Flail Bushings Oil Impregnated Bushings in Flails
Rotor Shaft Bearing 1-15/16” Bearing
Agitator Shaft Bearings 1-3/4” Bearings
Twine Guard Disc Type Twine Guard
Gearbox Oil GL5 80W90
Gearbox Oil Capacity 500 mL (16 U.S. fl. oz.)


Manuals and Media


Bale King – Processor – 5125 – Operator & Parts Manual Download
Bale King – Bale Processor – PTO Shafts (Except 2880 & 2881) – Parts Manual Download
Bridgeview Warranty Registration Form Download
Bridgeview Warranty Claim Form Download
Bridgeview Warranty Information – Bale Processors Download



BK5125 Front             BK5125 Back

BK5125 Right             BK5125 Lid Cylinder

BK5125 Forks             BK5125 Platform

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