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A couple of real classics! The Pulldozer 1810 and 2410 Land Shapers!
10-Series Pulldozers are built for simplicity and reliability. The 1810 features an 18′ cutting width and a 15 – 18 yard capacity, and requires only 250 hp to operate reliably.
Have the power to move dirt faster? The 2410’s 24′ blade and 20 – 25 yard capacity makes short work of approach-building and leveling projects.
The 1810 and 2410 both feature side-to-side blade tilt for automatic leveling using GPS or laser control. The tilt is also great for digging drainage ditches!
Upgrade to the XL model to gain the plunge-cutting trencher for high-speed deep ditching.
Interested in the 1810 or 2410? Contact Bridgeview or your local dealer for more information!

Standard Features


A) Upgrade your 1810 or 2410 to the XL model to gain the the optional Trencher package. The trencher rips easily through hard-packed ground up to 42″ deep for fast and reliable drainage–the first step to recovering water-logged land!
B) Serrated blades punch into the turf with 2,000 pounds of force per foot and leave the ground seedbed-ready. They also strip bark from young trees to keep them from coming back. Straight blades are also available when ordering your Pulldozer for a finer surface finish.
C) 28Lx26/16 ply tires offer excellent flotation in the muck and handle sharp rocks like a Pulldozer should.


D) Tilting the frame drops the blade deep into the soil for quick ditching. Great for keeping roads dry and navigable in Spring.
E) Blade tilt indicator allows repeatability when eyeballing long ditches and grades. Order the optional GPS Tower and let the computer do the thinkin’!
F) Like every Bridgeview machine, 1810 and 2410 are protected by high quality powder-coat paint intended to last for decades. Our paint techs follow a strict QC regimen and pay special attention to surface preparation and finish quality.

2410 ghi

G) The blade tilt cylinders give a wide +/- 13.5° range of motion for 45″ of travel over 18′. Maximum blade tip trenching depth is 32″ in a single pass.
H) Twin 5″ lift cylinders lift the blade easily even if it’s coated in thousands of pounds of muck. The blade has a generous 2′ of ground clearance when travelling and punches a foot deep for fast cutting.
I) Road lights, red/amber reflectors, and SMV signage are standard on every Pulldozer.  

2410 jkl

J) The operator dug this 4′ burial pit way faster than a dozer could, moving about 300 yards of material in just 28 minutes. Pulldozer is great for digging retention ponds and dugouts too!
K) On some other pull-style land shapers, the tractor pulls the frame, and the frame pushes the blade. Not the case on a real Pulldozer! With Pulldozer, your tractor pulls the blade itself and the axle is just along for the ride. This puts a lot less strain on the lift and tilt cylinders and results in more blade for your money.
L) All hydraulic components on every Pulldozer model have been field-tested for thousands of hours to ensure reliable and safe operation. All hoses are routed out of the line of fire to reduce the risk of impact or snagging damage.



XL Trencher Option
An option available when ordering your 1810 or 2410. Rips a trench up to 42″ deep!
The handy integrated depth indicator is easy to read from the cab and permits consistency when operating.
The trencher is a must-have for high speed drainage, the first step of recovering waterlogged land.
The trencher also works great for lifting out big rocks, for prying out stumps and roots, and for digging long electrical and plumbing trenches.

GPS Tower

GPS Tower Option
The GPS Tower is a bolt-on option for your 1810 and 2410.
It provides a great place to mount a GPS or Laser receiver.
It’s made of steel so it’s compatible with magnetic mounts.
The versatile hole pattern is compatible with most receiver bases.



All specifications are also available in the Pulldozer 10-Series Operator’s manuals. Contact Bridgeview for more information.


Dimensions 1810 1810XL 2410 2410XL
Recommended Tractor Power 250+ hp (185+ kW) 400+ hp (300+ kW)
Total Weight (Aprrox.) 18,000 lbs (8200 kg) 22,000 lbs (10000 kg) 24,000 lbs (10900 kg) 28,000 lbs (12700 kg)
Hitch Weight 6,000 lbs (2700 kg) 7,600 lbs (3450 kg) 7,500 lbs (3400 kg) 9,000 lbs (4100 kg)
Transport Height 9’5″ (2.9 m) 10’5″ (3.2 m)
Transport Blade Clearance 2′ (0.61 m)
Transport Width 18’5″ (5.6 m) 24’5″ (7.4 m)
Transport Length 26’7″ (8.1 m) 26’2″ (8.0 m)
Maximum Towing Speed 25 mph (40km/h)
Trasport Lights/SMV Sign Red and Amber Flashing LED, SMV Sign Standard
Cylinder Safety Locks Lift and Tilt Locks Standard
Hitch Height Adjustable in 2-1/4″ (5.7 cm) Increments
Hitch Tongue Standard Cat. 4 (1-1/2″ or 2″ Pin) & Optional Cat. 5 (2-3/4″) Articulating (35°)
Tires 23.1-26 / 12-Ply 28L x 26 / 16-Ply
Hydraulic Remotes Needed 2 3 2 3
Working Width 18′ (5.5 m) 24′ (7.3 m)
Center Blade Width 48″ (1.22 m) 72″ (1.83 m)
Volume (Approx.) 15 – 18 yd3 (11.5 – 13.8 m3) 20 – 25 yd3 (15.3 – 19.1 m3)
Blades Replaceable Industrial Grader Blades (Serrated Scarifying Blades Available)
Scraping Weight ~1,000 lbs/foot (~2,000 lbs/foot for Serrated Blades)
Maximum Blade Depth 10-1/4″ (26 cm) 12″ (30 cm)
Blade Tilt Angle Range +/- 13.5° (45″ Over 18′) +/- 10° (45″ Over 24′)
Blade Tilt Indicator Standard
Wing Travel (Compared to Ground) Fixed
Maximum Tilted Blade Depth 32″ (81 cm)
Maximum Trenching Depth (Rip) n/a 32″ (81 cm) n/a 32″ (81 cm)
Trenching Depth Indicator n/a Easy Read n/a Easy Read
Trencher Safety Lock n/a Standard n/a Standard
Hydraulic Cylinders 3″ x 20″ Tilt Qty. 2, 5″ x 24″ Lift Qty. 2, 5″ x 24″ Trencher Qty. 2
Finish Super-Durable Powder-Coat Paint
Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labour


Manuals and Media


2016 Pulldozer Brochure Download
Pulldozer 1810/1810XL/2410/2410XL Operator’s and Parts Manual Download
Bridgeview Warranty Registration Form Download
Bridgeview Warranty Claim Form Download
Bridgeview Warranty Information – Pulldozer Download




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