Bale King - Bale Retrievers

Bale King – Bale Retrievers

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  The Bale King BR820

Multi Bale Carrier

Built like a tank…gentle on bales.

BR 800 - Main Picture


  • COMPACT YET EFFICIENT – Carries 8 bales per trip,  in a narrow profile to comply with transport laws.
BR800 - 8 Bales Per Trip


  • TORFLEX AXLES® -Allow a narrow profile for working tight stack yards. Outstanding ride and flotation with minimal maintenance.
BR800 - Torflex Axle Bale King - BR800 - Narrow Profile

  •  CLASS LEADING STANDARD FEATURES all BR820s come with a tapered adjustable hitch for tight turning radius, road lights and safety chains. 
BR800 - Tapered Hitch BR800 - Road Lights



  • INNOVATIVE LOADING FORK allows loading from any direction. Can load right along fence line without re-positioning bale
Bale King - BR800 - Allign 1 Bale King - BR800 - Allign 2 Bale King - BR800 - Allign 3

  • CANTED CHAIN RAILS accomodate various bale sizes and SMOOTH 2082 CHAIN is gentle on twine and bale wrap.
BR800 - Smooth 2082 Chain

  •  AUTOMATIC BALE STOPPERS secure the load and eliminate counting, simply load the bales. Stoppers lower to unload, but won’t allow a bale to fall off back
Bale King - BR800 - Bale Stoppers


  • HEAVY FRAME with easily accessible minimal areas to grease.
BR800 - Heavy Frame


  • OUTSTANDING FIT, FINISH AND DURABILITY-All Bale Kings are engineered with 3D CAD and manufactured with state of the art CNC metalworking machinery.
BR800 - Fit and Finish


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Location Contact
Canada and outside US Brigeview Manufacturing


United States Flannery Hay Equipment

(888) 352-6429



Proudly manufactured in Saskatchewan by Bridgeview Manufacturing Inc.