Bale King - Bale Processors

Bale King – Bale Processors

Bridgeview has over 15 years of experience in bale processing technology and offers a full line of heavy duty, feature rich bale processors that make feeding and bedding livestock effortless.

Every Bale King processor is designed by farmers with farmers in mind. The simple and rugged 5100 model–by far our most popular–is built on more than a decade of field experience.

The ‎8100 offers exceptional versatility with the ability to process both rounds and squares with ease.

Our advanced 6105 carries three times as many bales as a conventional processor while retaining a narrow transport profile.

And our specially designed (and long-awaited) 5125 model hauls and dispenses 100 bushels directly onto the windrow or into the bunk.

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2017 Bale King Lineup




Why process your bales with a Bale King?

The X-Rotor: Crown Jewel of the Bale King!


  • Bale King Exclusive – The Patented X-Rotor spins at 1000 rpm, acting like a large centrifugal fan to blow straw further than you might think possible – up to 60 feet! The X-Rotor is available exclusively on Bale King processors.
  • Easy Twine Removal – The X-rotor makes twine removal a breeze! As twine wraps on the rotor during processing, the X shape of the rotor creates a perfect cavity into which the standard twine cutter can be inserted to cut the twine from behind. Works great with utility knives and electric twine cutters too!
  • Heavy-duty Flails – No cheap flatbar here! All Bale King Flails are made of heavy ¾” x 1 ½” steel that’s welded to the bushings, not crimped like those other guys.
  • Precision Manufacturing – Every X-rotor we make goes through a serious QC regimen, involving precision balancing through computerized harmonic analysis. The result is smooth rotation, reduced noise, and significantly improved rotor life.

Innovation: the Smart Features of Bale King Processors!

Right-Hand Discharge

  • Right-Hand Discharge – A no-brainer! All Bale King processors offer industry-first right hand discharge. By having the discharge on the control side, visibility is greatly improved. Operator fatigue is also reduced by avoiding repetitive neck craning.
  • Chainless Rotor Drive Our exclusive gearbox eliminates the maintenance nightmare of belts, chains, and sprockets. Check the oil now and then and it’ll last for years.
  • Heavy-Duty, Low Maintenance Design – Every Bale King component has been refined over a decade to endure years of hard work with minimal maintenance. For example, the PTO shaft runs nearly horizontal, putting much less strain on the U-joints than do traditional processors.
  • Hydraulic Main Deflector – All models offer a hydraulic main deflector which makes switching from windrow or bunk feeding mode to bedding and transport mode effortless. With the push of a lever, the deflector folds up to navigate narrow gates – no need to leave the cab!

Flexibility: Options to Suit Your Specific Needs!

Fine Chop Option

    • Fine-Chop Kit – A row of adjustable knives that protrude into the processing chamber, adding the ability to chop material even finer. A great feature for long greenfeed material or silage. The multi position design can fine-chop hay or completely disengage for straw processing (and anything in-between)!


  • Total Ration Kit – A bolt-on kit that adds a 40-bushel side-mounted grain tank to the 5100. The hydraulic auger with flexible spout delivers grain directly onto the processed windrow and can be run independently of the processor. The low tank lid height allows easy filling, inspection, and cleaning.


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