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VR Series Wheel Rakes


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   VR Wheel Rakes

Cover more ground in less time with the Bale King VR series wheel rakes by Bridgeview. Handle large volumes of hay at high speed.  The large 62″ diameter wheels and patented wheel spring design ensure smooth travel and more complete accumulation of cut material. Our heavy duty design includes 5″ X 5″ structural tubing, wrap around caster wheels and stronger pivot points giving you a long lasting, low maintenance , reliable solution for your raking needs.



Welcome to the BALE KING family – new this year: VR683 “SuperSteer” Hay Rake



    • By raking two windrows into one, you can double your baling productivity during prime baling hours – when dew and humidity are just right. This puts no extra total hours on your haying tractor and the hours that are put on the tractor are easy ones (run a low horsepower tractor just above idle all day while raking rather than running a baler for twice as many hours at full PTO RPM).
    • When you rake two windrows into one it turns and aerates the swath at the same time – speed up drying time and you baler in the field faster.
    • A BALE KING rake will also clean up windrows that have settled into the stubble and re-windrow swaths that have blown in the wind, your baler will pick up better in less time.
    • Put more hours on your rake, which is simple and carries a low maintenance cost instead of your complex, more expensive to maintain baler.
    • When you rake at a reasonable speed with a bit of dew the rake gently rolls the crop without damaging the leaves.


WHY RAKE with a BALE KING VR Wheel Rake? 


      • 62″ RAKE WHEEL – Most competitor’s rakes use 55″ wheels. 62″ wheels turn better in heavy crops, roll easier and turns at a slower rate which is easier on your crop
      • STANDARD WINDGUARD – We think windguards are an essential component of a hay raking system because they allow you to continue raking in windier conditions without hay wrapping on hanging up on the rake wheel.
      • 48 TINES PER WHEEL (most rakes only have 40) – better float and better coverage in finer crops
      • PATENTED SINGLE REPLACEABLE TINES –  easy one bolt replacement – an industry exclusive!
      • PATENTED RAKE WHEEL SPRING SYSTEM – our long lasting zero maintenance design provides exceptionally smooth rake wheel flotation



      •  AUTO RAKE WIDTH COMPENSATION – maintains full raking width regardless of windrow width setting. We believe if you pay for a 30′ rake you should get 30′ of rake regardless of how wide or narrow of a windrow you need. With BALE KING VR Wheel Rakes you get the width that you pay for.

      • AG IMPLEMENT TIRES – are longer lasting than car tires and durable in sharp stubble and rocky terrain, Ag tires are standard on our rakes unlike many other rakes
      • NO STEEL ON STEEL WEAR SURFACES – all of our wearing areas are either greaseable or protected by poly bushings and/or plastic/ UMHW guides
      • HEAVY DUTY MAIN FRAME – built for rough conditions and lots of hours
      • POWDER COAT FINISH – long lasting, durable, and looks to boot!



Click below to see the VR Series Wheel Rake in Action!

  Bale King VR Series Features



A) VR rakes start with a larger 62” dia. rake wheel. Almost 15% larger
than the industry standard of 55”. As a result VR rakes turn slower
so they are easier on your crops, they roll easier and perform better
in heavy crops. You also get 48 tines per wheel – 20% more than
the industry standard of 40. With closer spaced tines you get better
float and better ground coverage in fine crops. Tines are individually
replaceable with only one bolt. The wind guard is standard on all
   B)Patented rake wheel spring system is a long lasting zero maintenance system which provides exceptionally smooth rake wheel flotation and less wear and tear on fixed components. 
  C) Auto Rake width compensation. With VR the rake maintains full raking width
regardless of what the windrow width is set at. Hydraulic windrow width adjustment
is standard.
  D) Stronger pivot points and a heavier main frame – 5”
HSS tube, no steel on steel wear points.
   E) Road transport mode combines safety with ease of use for the operator with a narrow profile and a clear line of sight from the cab to the wheels. Transport width for all models is only 10’6″. Road lights and road safety chains are standard. 
F) Patented ground following rake boom. This ensures that regardless of terrain, you’ll get the same superior raking performance from the 40′ modal as  you would the smallest model. 



Bale King VR series Wheel Rake Specifications

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Proudly manufactured in Saskatchewan by Bridgeview Manufacturing Inc.