Afterburner Diesel Exhaust Fluid

AFTERBURNER Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is proudly manufactured in Saskatchewan by Bridgeview Fluid Solutions

We offer bulk delivery of up to 22,000 liters at a time to your doorstep to customers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We also supply pumps, dispensers and heated bulk DEF storage tanks to keep your DEF safe from the elements and in a convenient location, right next to your fuel tanks.

Looking for totes, barrels, and jugs? We have them in stock and ready to go!


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Why use Afterburner DEF?

  • Afterburner DEF is Certified by the American Petroleum Institute. API certification is sought voluntarily by DEF manufacturers.
  • All Afterburner DEF produced by Bridgeview Fluid Solutions meets or exceeds the stringent quality criteria described by the ISO 22241 standard.
  • Every batch of Afterburner DEF is analyzed by an independent laboratory before being released for sale.
  • Afterburner DEF is available in bulk, 1040-liter totes, 208-liter drums, and 9.46-liter jugs. All packaging is certified clean and DEF-compatible

These measures ensures that any Afterburner DEF matches your equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for your Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to operate properly.

DEF Ovens

Put DEF beside your fuel tank where it’s supposed to be.

The “All Season” DEF bulk storage and handling system from Bridgeview is available in two sizes, and holds either 3870L or 16,000L of DEF.

    • Afterburner DEF Ovens operate on a single 120V 15 amp circuit.
    • Built using only DEF-compatible materials to maintain DEF quality.
    • Prevents freezing in winter.
    • Prevents overheating in summer and UV exposure that can cause contamination from unwanted algae growth.
    • Comes with a high flow submersible pump for fast dispensing.
    • You’ll save on freight, volume delivery and time and frustration by managing your DEF year round with a better storage and handling system.