Bale King 6200

Cut your feeding and bedding time by more than half!

Bridgeview’s Bale King 6200 Multi-Bale Processor carries 6 bales at once, three times more than a conventional processor. The cleated 2082 chain and big flotation skid shoes slide easily under the bale (without digging into the ground) for fast and clean loading.

The 6200 is built on proven technology and features our patented and reliable X-Rotor for easy twine removal. Save time, fuel, and wear and tear with the 6200, perfected over 25 years of use on Nebraska ranches.

Standard Features

6200 abc

A)  The Bale King 6200 features a super-durable tub and handles a 6.5′ round bale with room to spare.  As with all Bridgeview products, high-quality powder coat paint is standard.

B) The loading forks throw even heavy bales into the tub with ease. Fine control allows accurate bale placement. The forks sit well below chain level to prevent hangups with old or sagging bales.

C) Twin Torflex axles, a low deck height, and wide wheelbase combine to give exceptional stability on rough ground.

6200 def

D) Dual 3″ lift cylinders are strong enough for the wettest and heaviest bales.

E) High-torque chain drive motors give the operator confidence and fine speed control when loading without compromising lifting power.

F) Like every Bale King processer, the 6200 comes with red/amber road lights and reflectors and SMV signage. Comes equipped with a standard 7-pin male trailer plug.

6200 ghi

G) High-quality loading chain idlers are low maintenance and adjustable for optimal chain tension.

H) Self-loading, cleated 2082 chain grabs hard into straw to easily load bales. The chain is canted inward for a positive grip on various bale sizes.

I) Wide, low profile skid shoes get the chain and idlers underneath the bale without digging into the ground.

6200 JKL

J) Processing aggressiveness is easily adjusted by moving the lockable hoop grate up and down. When the hoop grate is properly set, processing time will be 90 – 120 seconds per bale.

K) Beltless design, alleviates a common failure mode of other processors. All moving parts are driven by a direct hydraulic or PTO connection.

L) Rotary agitators with big paddles grip deep into the bale to turn it more reliably than chains or cradles, helping to prevent bridging.

6200 mno

M) Removing twine from a round rotor can be extremely frustrating. All Bale king processors feature the patented X-Rotor for easy twine removal. As twine wraps on the rotor, it bridges across the X-shape, allowing easy insertion of twine cutters, or of any knife or iron.

N) Bale King heavy-duty 3/4″ flails are welded to their bushings, not formed. Flail tip speed is up to 7,000 feet per minute during processing.

O) Every X-Rotor undergoes a serious QC regimen before it leaves Bridgeview. Each rotor is harmonically balanced to minimize noise and vibration during operation and to maximize processing speed.

6200 PQR

P) Hydraulic deflector allows switching between bunk feeding mode and long range bedding mode without leaving the cab. Folds up for a narrow transport width. Right-hand discharge puts the action on the same side as your controls for reduced operator fatigue.

Q) The 6200’s tapered hitch allows tighter turns than possible with a straight hitch. Three clevis positions match your tractor’s hitch height to keep the unit nice and level.

R) Only 3 hydraulic remotes are needed for full control of the 6200 when used with the provided control box. 1/2″ Standard Male Hydraulic Ag Tips (Pioneer-style) come installed.

Upgrade Options and Kits

6200 Fine Chop

Fine Chop Kit – The Fine Chop Kit adds the adjustable ability to chop material even finer.

The kit adds a row of adjustable-height knives for exceptional control of processor aggressiveness.

The Fine Chop Kit is ideal when processing long greenfeed or silage. No tools required to raise or drop the knives. Can be installed by the user or can be installed to order.

5100 Total Ration

Total Ration Kit – Upgrade your 6200 to the 6200TR to feed an extra 40 bushels in every trip!

The Total Ration Kit is a bolt-on accessory that adds a 40-bushel grain tank to the 6200. The hydraulic auger can feed grain directly onto the processed windrow or into the bunk feeder. The tank auger can be run independently of the processor and flow control allows easy ration adjustment.

The Total Ration Kit is built with winter use in mind. The low-height lid is easily opened while while wearing thick gloves for inspection. The lid can be propped open for easy filling.

The Total Ration Kit can be easily installed with basic tools. It can be factory installed on request.

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