Bale King 5300

We challenged our engineers to fit a third bale onto a standard-sized processor frame and they didn’t disappoint. Save time, save fuel, save miles. 2019’s Bale King 5300 is unlike anything else on the market.

New Features

5300 Top View

Based on the proven Bale King 5200, the new Bale King 5300 has been enhanced with the following features:

  • Compatible with Three-Bale Kit*
  • New, more aggressive bale rollers
  • Improved bale containment
  • Wider hoop grate adjustment range

*Patent Pending


5300 Top View

  • Discharge Distance: ~60′ (~18.3m)
  • PTO: Min. 100HP (73 kw) @ 1000 RPM
  • PTO Type: Weasler Cat. 6 80 deg. C.V.
  • Bale Type: Round up to 6.5′ (2m)
  • Bale Capacity: 2 or 3
  • Required Remotes: 2,3 or 4

Standard Features

The 5300 features an improved Hoop Grate & redesigned Bale Rollers to improve performance in a wider variety of conditions.

The redesigned rollers in particular allow easier and more reliable rolling of softer, wetter, and heavier bales.

The X-Rotor blows more air than conventionally-shaped rotors to spread processed straw up to 60 feet.

Additionally, as twine builds up on it over time, the X-rotor’s shape creates a cavity for a knife which simplifies twine removal.

The Loading Fork can be adjusted to accommodate various bale sizes. Pointed forks are more forgiving of misalignment when backing into a bale to load it.

Standard 16.5L tires give the operator a smoother ride and better flotation in the soft and muddy conditions often found in stockyards.

Heavyweight Rubber Deflector reliably directs processed hay into a neat windrow, making the 5300 great for filling bunk feeders. The deflector flips up for fast and even spreading of bedding.

Upgrade Kits and Options

Three Bale Kit – Does exactly what you expect: adds the ability to carry a third bale!

The Three Bale Kit is a bolt-on option that can be either factory-installed or field-installed onto a 5300. The hydraulically-actuated grapple of the Three Bale Kit is sequenced automatically to negate the need for an additional hydraulic circuit.

The Three Bale Kit is a must for operators looking to get the most from their processor. It should also appeal to those wishing to save time and fuel by hauling more bales with a standard-footprint machine.

5100 Fine Chop

Fine Chop Kit – The Fine Chop Kit adds the ability to chop material even finer.

The kit adds a row of adjustable-height knives with 3 positions.

The Fine Chop Kit is ideal when processing long greenfeed or silage. No tools required to raise or drop the knives.

This kit can easily be installed by the end user. It is also available as a factory option.

Total Ration Kit – Upgrade your 5300 with a 40 bushel Total Ration tank.

The Total Ration Kit is a bolt-on accessory that adds a 40-bushel grain tank to the 5300. The hydraulic auger can feed grain directly onto the processed windrow or into the bunk feeder. The tank auger can be run independently of the processor and flow control allows easy ration adjustment.

The left-side axle extension provided with the Total Ration Kit gives improved stability with a full grain tank while adding only 8″ in overall width. The Total Ration Kit is built with winter use in mind. The low-height lid is easily opened while while wearing thick gloves for inspection. The lid can be propped open for easy filling.

The Total Ration Kit can be easily added at any time.

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