Bale King GT40


Top dress and bunk feed on the go with Bridgeview’s GT40 40-bushel Grain Feeder!

The GT40 hauls and augers 40 bushels of grain and is powered either hydraulically or by 12 VDC. The heavy 12-gauge steel construction and rugged frame are intended to last for decades of regular use. The GT40 is completely weatherproof and rodent-proof. The 30′ control cord allows top-dressing and bunk feeding from the comfort of the cab in less-than-perfect weather.

With the option of fork-mount, trailer-mount, or 3-point-hitch mount, the GT40’s convenience is sure to please.

Standard Features

GT40 abc

A) The GT40’s hydraulic or electric auger quickly pumps 40-bushels from the tank. Cleanout is nearly total thanks to the hopper-style design and low auger inlet. Fill a bunk feeder or top-dress a windrow quickly.

B) The 30′ remote means you have total control of the auger from the comfort of the cab.

C) The GT40’s supersized lid is the biggest in it’s class and totally weatherproof and rodent-proof. Hydraulic assist saves your back muscles for when you really need them.

GT40 def

D) Every piece of Bale King equipment is protected by high-quality powder-coat paint, and the GT40 is no exception. You can expect it to look fresh off the lot for years to come.

E) A variety of mounting options lets the GT40 suit any user’s needs, and it’s narrow profile means it works great indoors! Choose from trailer mount, fork mount, or 3-point-hitch mount. The bottom tank panel is easily removed for total cleanout.

F) On the trailer-mounted model, the GT40’s super-low hitch is designed with SxS’s, ATV’s, and other utility vehicles in mind. It can also reach up to most pickup hitches.

GT40 ghi

G) The option to hydraulically drive the auger gives versatility that meets your needs. 1/2″ Standard Male Ag Tips (Pioneer-Style) are equipped.

H) The fork mount is the most popular option for the GT40. It’s great for throwing the unit onto a pickup. Like the tank, it’s protected by high-quality powder-coat paint and can be counted on for decades.

I) The great thing about the GT40 is it’s versatility. Decide later that you want the three-point-hitch or trailer option? Standardization and CNC precision means that retrofitting after purchase is always possible.


GT40 Hydraulic Fork Mount Option

GT40 Hydraulic

Our most popular option: simple and reliable.

Hydraulic auger drive means exceptional performance in all-weather conditions, even when it’s -40°. Throw it on the truck or strap it to the deck of the one-ton for highly mobile bunk feeding.

A great option if you want to bring the processor along. Process a windrow, then turn around and top-dress it!

GT40 Hydraulic 3-Point Hitch Mount Option

GT40 12 VDC

Free up the forks for handling bales with the 3-Point Hitch Option!

An add-on to the basic fork-mount option. Great if you’ve got a fork-mount processor. Puts an extra 2,400 pounds on the rear axle when full for exceptional traction in the mud.

The total functionality of the fork mount is preserved for even better versatility with this premium option.

GT40 Hydraulic Trailer Mount Option

GT40 Fork Mount

A great option for the pickup or side-by-side if you’ve got a portable hydraulic unit.

Combines the reliability of hydraulic auger operation with the mobility (and fun!) of high-speed bunk feeding.

Having the tank in front of the axle puts the right amount of weight on the hitch for great traction with the quad or 1/4-ton.

GT40 Electric Trailer Mount Option

GT40 3-point-hitch Mount

The best option for high levels of mobility and convenience.

Designed exclusively with off-road vehicles in mind, the 1-hp fan-cooled auger motor runs off the integrated Group 27 12 VDC Deep-Cycle battery with built-in 120 VAC charger.

The shock-proof battery box gives good reliability when going fast on rough ground. Circuit breaker protection helps prevent motor burnout in the event of auger jamming.

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