Bale King Bale Retrievers


The Bale King BR820 Multi-Bale Retriever is better than ever!

The BR820 quickly loads up to eight standard 6′ bales,regardless of orientation.

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Standard Features


Compact – The BR820’s narrow width and transport markings make for safe and convenient road travel. It’s road-compliant in most jurisdictions.

Efficient – Hauls up to 8 standard 6′ bales per trip, and the canted chain rails can accommodate various bale diameters.Longer deck to accommodate larger, squashed out bales.

Fast – Innovative loading fork design can turn bales, pick them up, and place them correctly on the chain bed, regardless of their orientation relative to the machine.


Safe – Advantage of Bale Stoppers is that you don’t have to count bales as you load. Just load until no more bales fit. You never lose one off the back.

Strong – The loading fork lifts heavy, dense, and wet bales.

Low-maintenance – High-quality 2082 chain lasts for years of service. Easily-accessible grease nipples.


Standard Features – Like all Bridgeview products, the BR820 comes with standard road lights, reflectors, and SMV signage. Smooth chains are gentle on twine and net wrap.

Torflex Axles – Outstanding ride quality, excellent flotation, and minimal maintenance. Tri Axles bridge irrigation pivot ruts.

Fit and Finish – All Bridgeview products are CAD-designed, CNC-manufactured, and protected by high-quality powder-coat paint.

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