Bale King VR683 Supersteer Rake


Cut your turning radius in half with the Bale King VR683 Supersteer Rake!

The 683 pivots around the center wheels instead of the rear casters, allowing it to handle like a rake half it’s size.

The optional Kicker Wheel Package gives full coverage in mowed hay or turn the center row.

The 683 is available in 3 sizes: 18 wheels (34′), 20 wheels, (38′), or 22 wheels (42′). Interested in the 683? Contact Bridgeview or one of our dealers today!

New for 2019 – Rubber Mounted Tines Option

VR Rake Wheel

A new offering for 2019, the Rubber-Mounted Tines Option replaces our conventional spring-tine rake wheels with rubber-mounted tines.

Rubber-mounted tines perform better under certain raking conditions, especially when raking light, stringy crops susceptible to rain-matting. The more compliant rubber-mounted tines can get deeper under the crop for more complete pickup.

Like our conventional spring tines, our rubber-mounted tines are individually replaceable with only one bolt, a single tine being replaceable in about a minute. Wind guards are standard on all models. Please note that the rubber-mounted tines require a different rake wheel assembly.

Standard Features

VR Rake Wheel

All Bale King VR-series rakes feature 62” diameter rake wheels: 15% larger than the industry standard of 55”. As a result, Bale King rake wheels roll easier and perform better in heavy crops. Because they turn slower, they’re also easier on fragile crops.

Bale King rakes feature 48 tines per wheel: 20% more than the industry standard of 40. With closer spaced tines comes better flotation and better ground coverage in fine crops.

Tines are individually replaceable with only one bolt, and a single tine can be replaced in about a minute. Wind guards are standard on all models.

VR Rake Wheel Spring

Bridgeview’s patented rake wheel spring is a long-lasting, zero-maintenance system which provides exceptionally smooth rake wheel flotation. Bale King rake wheels float gently across the ground on uneven terrain.

Smoother flotation results in less wear and tear on moving components and fewer broken or bent tines.

Width Compensation

Bale King rakes feature Automatic Width Compensation. On other rakes, changing the windrow width normally results in decreased raking width. On Bale King Rakes, full raking width is maintained regardless of the windrow width setting. Hydraulic windrow width adjustment is standard.

VR Pivot Point

Compared to most rakes on the market, Bale King rakes feature heavier main frame construction.

All rotating and sliding joints are either grease-able or protected by poly bushings.

VR Road Mode

Road transport mode combines safety with ease-of-use with a narrow profile and a clear line of sight from the cab to the wheels. Transport width for all models is only 14’2″.

Road lights, reflective decals, and safety chains are standard.

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