Drive Under Hoppers

For over 25 years, Bridgeview has been building and designing hopper cones and storage solutions. Our Bolt-Together Hopper Cones are the product of more than two decades of refinement and dedication.

Bridgeview is proud to offer a drive-under hopper-cone solution for 18′ bins. It gravity unloads and can fill a semi in about 3 minutes!

Interested in a Drive-Under Bolt-Together Hopper Cone? Contact Bridgeview today!

Bridgeview ships hopper cones all over the world! Since they’re assembled on-site, they can be transported on standard-width trailers. The drive-under model is no exception.

Shipping is thus vastly simplified: you don’t need permits, specialty equipment, or pilot vehicles. What you’ll save on freight can often pay for assembly!

Like our other hopper cone products, the drive-under model ships with fin-head carriage bolts for easy final assembly: a single man can torque the sheet nuts from outside, without the need for another man inside with a wrench.

Assembly time depends on the cone size, on weather and soil conditions, and on the installer’s experience. The drive under bin requires a full concrete pad for safe installation.

The 5000 bushel drive-under bin from Bridgeview holds 3 B-Train loads or 5 semi loads. With an overall height of 46’6”, the 5000 bu. model can be filled with a 70’ auger.

Bridgeview drive-under bins can also be tied into your grain-handling system. The Drive-under opening is 12’ wide by 13’6” high.

Custom painting is available to match existing infrastructure, or to color-code bins by contents. Contact Bridgeview for available colors.


Bin Size Bushels Capacity* Cu. Ft. Tonnes Total Height
18’ diameter x 5 rings 5028 bu. 6257 136.8 46’2”
18’ diameter x 4 rings 4215 bu. 5245 114.7 42’6”
18’ diameter x 3 rings 3401 bu. 4232 92.6 38’10”

* Capacity includes bin and cone

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