Custom Manufacturing and Powder Coating

Bridgeview is venturing into custom manufacturing!

Bridgeview has the capabilities to take your vision from conception to execution. Located in Southeastern Saskatchewan, we have the capacity to build practically anything you might need!

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  • Formal ERP-driven manufacturing floor
  • Instantaneous labour time tracking
  • Rigorous quality control and worker accountability
Equipment Description Capacity/Tolerance(s) Description Example Usage Image
Precision CNC Punch Cuts mild steel up to 1/4″ (3 gauge) accurately and quickly. Can also cut stainless steels, aluminum, and plastics. Fast and precise, can cut square and circular holes in a single strike; emboss part numbers and other data, louvers, extrusions, and other features. Can accept new sheets or pre-cut blanks. We stock from 30ga. to 3ga. sheet in black and galvanized finish and sheet sizes up to 60″ x 120″. Note: If a superior edge finish or larger thicknesses are desired, Bridgeview regularly receives shipments of competitively-priced laser, plasma, and torch cut sheet metal parts. Instrument Panels, safety guards, wind deflectors, structural gussets and ribs. Trumpf Picture
CNC Press Brake Forms mild steel. Maximum thickness depends on length of bend. Typical bend radius is equal to material thickness. Once programmed for a particular bend, can produce that bend consistently and quickly with little effort. Can also act as a manual bending machine. Capable of producing box bends provided that–in general–the base distance is greater than the flange height. A perfect complement to our CNC punch. Boxes, mounting flanges, motor brackets, chutes, ducting, hopper sheets. Brake Picture
Big Bandsaw Can accurately cut mild steel members and alloys. Length up to 40′, cut length +/- 1/16″ Used for cutting structural members. Our smaller saws are used for lighter work. Capable of bundle cutting material for higher production rates. We stock a variety of square and rectangular tubing from 1″ to 16″ in various wall thicknesses, hot rolled and cold rolled rounds and squares, drawn-over-mandrel (DOM) tubing, precision-ground alloy shafts, and schedule pipe. Outplant machining services for milling, turning, and boring operations are available. Structural members, motor shafts, pipe sections. Bandsaw Picture
Ironworker Max thickness depends on cut type Used to very quickly shear small and simple parts from bar stock when edge quality is not of great concern, like when the cut edge will be welded or concealed from view. Also useful for rapidly notching and punching round or square holes in situations where part deformation may be tolerable. Internal linkages, wear parts, weldment parts. Ironworker Picture
Shear Cuts sheets up to 10′ long. Thickness up to 1/4″ (not dependent on cut length) Used to quickly shear long strips of sheet metal with minimal deformation. Cut edge quality is excellent. An ideal option for cutting expanded metal and diamond plate. Adjustable stops allow rapid part cutting. Safety cages, catwalks, screens Shear Picture
Welding bays Numerous welding bays with high-capacity cranes Six wide-open bays suitable for handling very large weldments, like the 13,000+ lb bowl of our 1220A scraper. Our welders are experienced welding specialty hardened plate, stainless steels, and aluminum. We also have experience balancing high-speed rotating weldments like the X-Rotor of our bale processors. We also have multiple crane-served smaller bays and booths for smaller assemblies Trailer frames, process vessels, hoppers Weld Bays Picture
Material Handling Equipment Mobile crane, wheel loader, multiple forklifts Our equipment operators are skilled at carefully slinging, handling, and loading finished goods, even very heavy and awkward weldments. They work safely to ensure products are delivered to customers in perfect condition. Loader Picture
Warehouse, Shipping/Receiving, and Parts Bulk inch-standard assembly hardware available in most common sizes, finishes, and grades. Wide selection of hydraulic and electric motors and parts. Daily courier service and a competent, well-connected purchasing department. Our warehouse workers are skilled at picking the correct hardware for assembly workers. They also take care to pack fragile items carefully to prevent shipment damage. Daily courier service ensures minimal delay between order placement and shipment. Our experienced purchasing department can help fill the gaps in your project when specialty or custom parts (like hydraulic hoses) are required. Warehouse Picture
Shotblasting and painting booths Approximate maximum dimensions are 25’W x 30’L x 10’H Recycling shotblasting booth provides a deep angular surface profile for excellent adhesion of all coating types. Aluminum alloys are blastable when special precautions are taken. Our standard quality 3-mil-thick polyester-based baked coatings provide excellent protection in outdoor service, and are available in a variety of colours and gloss levels. High-performance epoxy coatings are available on request for more demanding applications. Blasting Picture
Assembly Wide-open assembly area with heavy craning capacity Flexible assembly area permits the construction of large and complex assemblies. Our engineering team diligently prepares instructions for workers and check quality throughout the assembly process. We are equipped for thorough testing of all hydraulic and electrical systems prior to shipment. Flexible assembly lines are possible for rapid building of smaller assemblies. Assembly Picture
Shipping Flat deck and step deck delivery available. Delivery also available by pickup truck and trailer. Our long-haul drivers are unmatched in their careful attention to detail and general competency. We frequently ship internationally by sea-can. Shipping Picture
R&D Picture Grain Terminal Yard Picture