Grain Express

Grain Express

Bridgeview’s Grain Express handling systems are custom-designed for each customer’s needs using standardized, expandable, and interchangeable components.

Grain Express systems can retrofit existing bin systems with automatic chain tensioners, fluid clutch drives, and motorized chute openers. Bridgeview also provides custom catwalks for maintenance and inspection.

When combined with Bridgeview’s Bolted Hopper Cones, Jet Stream Aeration packages, and custom Scale Pits, the result is a complete grain handling and drying system that suits your exact needs.

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GE Overview

During harvest, the Terminal operator will fill the bins about half-full, continuously circulating grain through the system. The result: significantly increased air-to-grain contact, reduced drying time, and reduced risk of grade loss.

When this technique is combined with Jet Stream Aeration, the counter-current flow of grain and forced air gives dramatically improved drying times and a wider harvest window for a fraction of the cost of conventional grain drying.

GE Control

Every farmer occasionally has some off-grade product. With a Grain Express system, it’s easy to blend off-grade product to hit protein, color, moisture, kernel size, and other grading breakpoints, optimizing dollars per bushel.

Hopper-bottom bins result in the the best grain quality by reducing stagnation. If desired, flat-bottomed bins can also be used in your Grain Express system.

GE Scale

When conditions are perfect during harvest, every second a full combine waits for a truck is wasted. Bridgeview’s Grain Express systems use 13″ grain drags with capacities up to 10,000 bu/hr to reduce offloading times and keep trucks moving.

With a suitable scale pit, Grain Express loads and unloads a 1,000 bu trailer in about 6 minutes. Compared to mobile augers, unloading with a Grain Express scale pit spills zero grain, eliminates the need to exit the truck, and reduces the risk of equipment damage and personal injury.

Faster unloading also means more elevator trips per day, saving trucking labor costs.

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