Pulldozer Scraper 1220

Newly upgraded for 2018, the 20-yard Pulldozer 1220 Ejector-Style Land Scraper!

The 1220 comes loaded with smart features. Strategically placed high-strength and hardened steel is meant to last for the life of the machine. The high-backed ejector plate prevents rocks from wedging between the tires and frame. Clever hydraulic hose and cylinder concealment and a clean, smooth design prevent protect the most sensitive components of the scraper.

No piece of equipment takes as much abuse as a scraper; big rocks and hard pulling test these earth-movers during every moment of their operation. With this philosophy in mind, Bridgeview designed every aspect of the 1220 for absolute dependability.

Interested in the 1220? Or thinking of a Pulldozer or Transformer to pair with it? Contact Bridgeview today!


The 1220 features a 20-yard hopper and 12′ cutting width. The high-backed ejector helps prevent rocks from jamming between the frame and tires and protects the cylinder compartment from material buildup.

The standard GPS Tower sits directly over the blade, meaning that only an elevation correction in software is needed. The tower is easily removed to accommodate excavator filling if desired.

The standard nitrogen-filled hydraulic dampener provides a better ride for the operator and smoother cylinder function.

Twin 875/65R29 tires reject mud buildup better than 4- or 6-wheeled scrapers. The 132″ outside tire width floats gives good stability on slopes and uneven ground.

The tail section’s removable panel allows easy pressure-washing of the cylinder compartment. The open tail bottom permits total cleanout.

The heavy-duty 3″ ejection cylinder pushes the ejector plate slightly past the blade edge for total hopper cleanout. Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) bearing surfaces reduce metal-on-metal sliding contact and resist jamming by gravel. Ejector/apron sequencing is automatic on one remote.

Twin 2″ apron cylinders are shielded from rock impact yet remain accessible for quick inspections. The frame tubing access panels are easily removed for fast checks of the internally-routed hydraulics.

The standard replaceable dropped-center serrated blades pull the center of the 1220 deeper and more evenly into the ground. Straight blades are also available as standard.

The strategically-placed hardened steel of the 20-yard hopper is protected by high quality powder-coat paint. The clean-faced internal design prevents snagging damage when ejecting big rocks or gravel.

Like all pins on the 1220, the 3-5/8″ cold-rolled lift pivot pin will withstand loads far exceeding those expected in the harshest operating conditions.

Standard 1/2″ Male Ag Tips (Pioneer Style) come installed, with the option of 3/4″ tips. Two hydraulic remotes are required: one for tilt, and one for the combined ejection/apron circuit.

The six-way semi-mount provides a wide range of motion.

Unlike other scraper hitches, the standard 1220 hitch allows easy yoke connections while installed, saving significant time when changing implements. Tractor hitch adaptors for numerous popular models are available.

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