Bridgeview Manufacturing Inc. started in 1983 in rural Saskatchewan as a single person operation. Bridgeview has since grown in size and strength to become a major manufacturing company in Western Canada. Not only does Bridgeview distribute products across North America, but we also have clients in Europe, Russia and Australia.

Presently, Bridgeview Manufacturing Inc. maintains a 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Gerald, Saskatchewan. In 2003 Bridgeview expanded the manufacturing plant to include a blast and powder paint facility.

Bridgeview Manufacturing specializes in the production of steel machinery and components utilizing the latest in CNC machinery and powder coating technology. We can produce subcomponents of a product, manufacture the entire machine, or provide any of the manufacturing services in between.  We currently specialize in agricultural and industrial products but we are able to manufacture items for any industry.

Bridgeview has a stand alone R&D department capable of product design, development, testing and jig making. Our engineers utilize Solid Works 3D modeling software for all design processes to ensure quick development and precise fit-up. This design and fabrication shop is self-contained so all new products can remain confidential until released.

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